The COVID-19 pandemic displaced people in many different ways. However, going through life-changing events does not mean you have to be uninsured. 

Many are looking at COBRA health insurance to hold them during these difficult times. Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) gives people who lost their health benefits the right to continue group health benefits provided by their employer. However, using COBRA may require those qualified to pay the entire premium.  

Americans are finding themselves needing new health insurance and not knowing where to look. Here are some of the best alternatives to using COBRA Health Insurance in South Carolina

High Deductible Health Insurance

Choosing a high deductible plan is beneficial for its lower monthly rates. However, although the rates are lower, you will have to pay more with the high deductible health plan before your insurance plan starts to pay. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to having high deductible health insurance. For example, the cost to you may be as high as the highest out-of-pocket cost, which is $6,900 for an individual.  

Short Term Health Insurance

Finding short-term health insurance is a good alternative to COBRA insurance. A Short-term health plan is a limited-time coverage for those who cannot enroll in a public or private plan. Employment change and attending college could be why someone needs short-term health insurance. 

Temporary insurance would provide proof of coverage to those who need it, regardless of the situation. Depending on the situation, short-term health insurance can last up to a year.  

Long Term Health Insurance

Long-term health insurance offers coverage to those who will be unable to get insurance from an employer for a long period of time. This health insurance option, however, is only available during a special enrollment period. 

Using long-term health insurance may pose a problem if health insurance is offered at a new job. This option may be best for those who think they will be unemployed for a white.  

If You Need Help Finding Insurance 

Contacting health insurance inquiry companies is a great way to find alternative COBRA health insurance in South Carolina. Insurance inquiry companies simplify the process of finding you the right health insurance you can afford. In addition, they can provide cheaper options from the best health insurance providers.

Insurance inquire companies work with those who need cheaper health insurance. For those who recently lost their job or are self-employed, contacting an agent may be the perfect option in finding cheaper insurance. 

Looking for More Alternatives to COBRA Health Insurance in South Carolina?  

There are several alternatives to COBRA health insurance that could help you find better and cheaper options for your situation. However, whether it be the alternatives discussed above, you have the right to choose your health insurance.

If you want to use something other than COBRA in South Carolina, call an agent today and see what benefits you can have for an affordable price. 

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