COBRA Insurance and Low Cost Alternatives in Louisiana

COBRA Insurance and Low Cost Alternatives in Louisiana

COBRA Insurance and Low Cost Alternatives in Louisiana

COBRA insurance is available in Louisiana for many people who have lost their job, whether voluntarily or not. When you add up what the premiums are for COBRA insurance you will find that it comes to 102% of what the plan costs. This is because it represents the amount your employer had been paying, whatever you had been paying, and a small administrative fee. If you feel that the amount is too high, it’s time to evaluate alternative plans in Louisiana.

COBRA Insurance Alternatives in Louisiana

If you feel that the COBRA insurance rates are not something you can afford you are not alone. Most people find them a little shocking and out of budget. The good news is that we routinely help people find affordable alternative plans, and we can help you, too. There are affordable health insurance plans to fit every budget and need, and our team of experts can help match you to one within minutes. Here are some of the COBRA insurance alternatives in Louisiana to consider:

  • Short Term Insurance. These have been designed to fill in the gap in between jobs. You can have a short term insurance plan for a month or even up to a year. They are affordable and will provide you with the coverage you need until you get another job.
  • Indemnity Plans. These plans allow you to have more control over your health care choices, allowing you to choose the doctors and hospitals you want to go to. They are also referred to as fee-for-service plans. Once you meet your deductible you then submit the invoices for payment.
  • Associate Plans. If you belong to a group or association you may be able to get an affordable rate through an association plan. They have been designed to help groups of people get more affordable rates. They are ideal for those who are self employed, freelancers, artists, etc.

Affordable Health Insurance Options in Louisiana

You may find that it’s a frustrating process to search around for affordable alternatives to COBRA insurance. We specialize in helping to make the process simple and easy to navigate. When you speak with one of our health insurance experts they will ask you a few simple questions, and then within minutes they can match you to a plan that will fit your budget, and will provide you with the coverage that you need. Contact us today for a free quote!

COBRA Insurance in Louisiana

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is a federal law that was created in 1985. Prior to this law, if you lost your job for any reason, or had your hours reduced, you would lose your health insurance. COBRA ensures that you will not lose your health insurance, but you will have to pay for the entire cost of the plan.

It’s also available for those who may have had their hours cut. Through COBRA insurance you can keep the health insurance plan you have had, but you will be responsible for paying the entire amount for it. Many people find that COBRA insurance rates are more than they can afford. It’s important to know that there are alternative insurance plans that area available, with something to fit every budget.

There are conditions you have to meet in order to qualify for COBRA in Louisiana. The place you worked for had to have had at least 20 employees, and they had to have been providing you with health insurance. If you meet those qualifications you should be able to get COBRA insurance. If you cannot afford the rate or would like to compare it to some alternative plans, contact us.

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